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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Office fit out with bright coloured artwork and furniture detail

Transforming Walls into Whiteboards

IdeaPaint turns any smooth surface, whether it be your office wall or wall at home, into a canvas for you to write down your ideas and express yourself. Instantly you can write on this canvas, and when you need to remove it, you simply wipe away and the writing is erased cleanly everytime.

The Invisible Group can install all types of IdeaPaint into your office, school or home. It’s a cost-effective and fun alternative to whiteboards, which are often limiting because of their bulk (meaning they can’t be moved around very much) and small compared to the size you can have with different IdeaPaint options.

Perfect for schools, office space or home

Inspiration can come to us at any time. We might have a thought that strikes us out of nowhere, a brilliant idea we never considered. Has this ever happened to you? When such a situation happens, what do you do? Do you jot it down in your little planner, or perhaps try to remember it for another time when you’re less busy?

With IdeaPaint the process of brainstorming, note-taking or any planning has never been so simple. You can impulsively turn your idea from thought to real-life for others to see. Create a mind-map, lists objectives for the month, draw to illustrate thoughts more clearly – the possibilities are endless


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“We went to the Invisible Group to get some whiteboard paint put up in our new office. They came and went in what seemed like a flash and left behind an immaculately painted wall space which we can now scribble all over! Very polite staff too – I’d thoroughly recommend.”

Tom K
Commercial Manager

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