10 Simple Ways to Improve the Look of Your Office

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A happy, comfortable workspace means better productivity and more efficient organisation. For many, seeking out the best commercial decorator London can offer is the next logical step. However, before getting the professionals in, there are a number of cost-effective methods which you yourself can use to spruce the place up and make it far more inviting for you and your employees. We’ve put together a few office refurbishment tips that should help you create a pleasant, relaxing working environment. As you’ll see, there’s a lot that goes into office decoration.

Cut the clutter

Streamline your workspace and remove any unnecessary objects. This will help you to better organise your office and make it a more efficient, productive environment. Once you’ve removed the surplus bric-a-brac, things should also be much easier to find.


Include non-work related items

It can sometimes be helpful to include objects that exhibit the life you have outside work. These can be good at de-stressing, especially if one of your items was a personal gift – most objects like these evoke positive memories of some kind so try to find an object that reminds you of happy times.

Choose the right colours

If you’ve decided that your workspace needs a lick of paint, be sure to choose the most suitable colour for the kind of business you’re in. Business painting is actually a science in itself, with numerous studies taken on how employees react to certain colours. For example, it has been found that neutral colours such as grey, cream or beige are well-suited to conventional lines of work such as law and finance because they can focus the mind. Findings also suggest that those in more creative fields, such as graphic design and photography, would be better served by warmer, more vibrant colours like yellow, red or orange.

Go green

Consider adding a plant or two to your office. Studies have actually shown that the inclusion of potted plants increases productivity and cognitive attention. There are also a health benefits due a plant’s ability to filter air, removing mould and various bacteria.

Encourage natural light

Natural light is also known to improve productivity so try to position desks as near as possible to windows or skylights. To make the most out of your natural light, ensure that any windows or skylights are cleaned regularly. If there’s a lack of natural light in your workspace, make use of any indirect light your workspace may have.

Hang inspirational art or quotes

Once you’re close to completing your office decoration project, consider the kinds of paintings or photos you’d like to hang on your walls. It’s worth remembering that you’ll cast your eyes over these many times during your working week so choose carefully. Some offices feature inspirational art or quotations. These can sometimes prove helpful in stressful environments and can help focus the mind, putting things firmly in perspective. However, make sure that any artistic addition compliments the existing décor and integrates seamlessly with your chosen style.

Hopefully these tips will help you to make the most out of your workspace without relying on a London commercial decorator.

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