8 Inspiring Bedrooms

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Of all rooms in the home, bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces to design. This blog takes a look at some inspiring ways in which people have decorated their private space.


We start off with an inspirational way for bringing some gold into your bedroom. A gold feature wall can immediately lift even the most nondescript room. Whilst gold leaf is an extravagant option, there are lots of attractive gilt effect paints and wallpapers available.



Shutters are a non-fuss option that really step a bedroom’s design level up a notch. These solid ones here have been painted in a complimentary contrast to the wall to create a feature. Solid shutters are great at keeping light out for lie-ins but also perfect for folding back and allowing lots of light in during the day.


chandelier room

Chandeliers make a fabulous statement in a bedroom. Here they give a charmingly rustic room a little touch of opulence. Fortunately, chandeliers come in a variety of price ranges for whatever your budget.


bedroom curtains

This modern take on the four-poster bed creates a sense of coziness and makes a lovely design feature. The curtain can be pulled to reveal or conceal the bed and its clean lines make the room look fresh and modern.


feature panel

2014s answer to the feature wall is the feature wall panel. Set back in a niche, there is a three dimensional aspect to this feature panel and a practical ledge above the bed for that all-important cup of bedtime tea. We like the use of pictures in the niche which bring the area to life.


mirror room

This small bedroom is a master class in making the most of tight spaces. The wide, full length mirror against the wall creates an illusion of space and the choice of white paint and cream carpet reflect the light from the windows.



The secret to creating a luxury feel is in a few fine finishing touches. See how the decorators of this room have added the plush padded headboard, velvet chaise long and candlestick to conjure a sense of luxury without going overboard.


canopy bed

Another twist on the traditional four-poster, this canopy hung above the bed makes a dramatic design statement. The rest of the decor has been kept minimalist and neutral in order to foreground the central element.

As places where we can exercise our most personal taste, bedroom design has the potential to be incredibly fun and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? – The Invisible Painter can help you with all your London commercial painting and decorating needs.The Invisible Painter can help you with all your painting and decorating needs whether they be commercial, office decoration or residential painting and decorating.

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