A Decorator’s View of the Gentrification of Clapham

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During most of the 20th century, Clapham was viewed as just another London commuter suburb, home to a mishmash of Georgian, Victorian houses and sprawling council estates. However, during the 1980s, the town underwent a gentrification of sorts as the middle-classes began migrating to the area, keen to take advantage of Clapham’s close proximity to the more exclusive areas of London.

Today, new buildings and developments can be found scattered throughout the town. And while many Clapham residents are just happy to get by as best they can, young, hip and happening professionals are flocking to the area in order to live out their dreams of new-build sustainability. This is causing a gentrification effect.  Like other areas of London that have undergone similar changes (e.g. the gentrification in parts of London like Notting Hill), the presence of both council properties and new-build developments in such close proximity serves to highlight the gap between rich and poor.

However, despite this gap, which is painfully evident in some parts of Clapham, its continued re-development has injected a vibrancy and dynamism that the area was previously lacking. Shabby and run-down areas are being spruced up and great effort is being invested in making the town a better, safer place to live in.

This regeneration through gentrification has recently extended to Clapham Old Town with Lambeth Council carrying out a multi-million-pound office fit out and refurbishment regeneration project which is considered to be the most ambitious yet. In addition to the obligatory paved areas (sorry, ‘Urban Piazza’) which seem to be a feature of most town centres in Britain these days, changes also include the moving of the old bus station and the removal of the one-way system.

Clapham’s regeneration is good news for a variety of companies, especially those offering commercial painting and decorating services. The addition of new, high-end buildings and improved access has also proved highly attractive to a variety of businesses, with many transferring their operations to the area. As a result, a lot of businesses are looking to renovate and improve their premises in an effort to showcase their services more effectively and fit in with their appealing surroundings.

Many of Clapham’s old Georgian and Victorian properties, which at one time sold for thousands of pounds, are now on the market for millions. However, some of these properties are in disrepair due to years of neglect with some requiring extensive structural work. But for the more affluent residents who occupy these cavernous abodes, money is often no object. And the sheer space these old buildings offer makes them attractive both to residential and commercial buyers

So the nouveau riche invasion is in full-swing and, as a result, specialist painters and decorators are in high demand. This means that Clapham offers an ideal business platform for both residential and commercial decorator London companies. And the sheer demand for house and office decoration shows no sign of abating.

So if you’re looking for arguably the best commercial decorator in London can offer and one with a great deal of experience in office decoration your best bet may be to seek out a company like ours, which has its roots in an area of London which is undergoing massive transformation.

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