Biophilic office interior design: a breath of fresh air

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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

‘Green buildings’ used to just mean that they were designed to be kind to the environment, however biophilic office interior design has changed that.

But this past year has probably seen everyone more connected to nature than ever before, even if it’s just been for a quick lockdown walk in our local park. So it’s not surprising that bringing greenery into offices, hotels and retail spaces means our workplaces are literally becoming green.

Studies have shown that biophilic office interior design and bringing the outdoors in has a positive impact on our mood, decreasing our stress levels and increasing our productivity. Put simply, biophilic office interior design is about bringing our working and natural worlds closer together with plants, green spaces and nature-inspired materials in the workplace.

Urban message
Living wall in a workplace

The Invisible Group’s inspiring commercial interiors are rooted (pun intended) in extensive biophilic design research and practice. From initial design to installation and ongoing maintenance, our biophilic design specialists are expert in creating greener workspaces that promote wellbeing and boost motivation.

Planters within the office

Living social-distancing walls or screens to designate areas within an office can be easily moved around. Collaborative spaces using architectural planting encourage workers to engage with each other. Feature walls in meeting rooms and natural planting in breakout areas can all be selected to respond to their settings.

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