Coffee Shop Interiors – How to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

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Because we always want to work around our clients’ schedules, our days here at The Invisible Painter often start early and end late. Needless to say, we love a good cup of coffee (or a few!). Although it’s not always possible to take the time to sit and enjoy a coffee, here are a few commercial decoration tips to help you create a welcoming atmosphere for people to enjoy their cappuccino in.

Use warm colours

Welcoming customers to your coffee shop is like welcoming them into your home. When choosing to decorate, why not think about using warm colours on the walls and in the decorations? Deep browns, reds, yellows and oranges give off a sense of warmth and comfort – just like a nice cup of coffee! Accent pieces like exposed brick walls and a ceiling like the one below can also help exude similar feelings.

Supply comfortable seating

I think we all recognise this sofa. Whenever the cast of Friends was in Central Perk (which was all the time) they were sitting on this sofa, which is a perfect example of the kind of seating a coffee shop should have. It makes the interior feel like your home, or at the very least, a comfortable place where you can relax. I can see why they never wanted to leave! Put in some sofas in some cozy nooks and your customers will surely feel like they can take a break in your establishment.

Use low lighting

Odds are your morning coffee run is accompanied by a silent wish to be back in bed. You’re probably sleepy and not ready to face the working day. The last thing you want is to be blinded by bright lights. A good idea is to install soft lighting that, when combined with the warm colours and comfy seating, make your customers feel calm and ready to start the day.

Make good coffee!

Alright, this last one doesn’t have to do with decorating but those coffee beans are the first way to welcome someone to your shop – especially if people walking down the street can smell that delicious aroma wafting down to them.

Now, on that note – time for an afternoon brew! Let us know if you have any ideas on what else can help create a welcoming atmosphere or if you need any help to make one for your own coffee shop.

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