Crittall effect Partitioning: the smart way of working separately – together

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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Crittall effect glass doors and windows are currently enjoying a moment in office and retail design, and it’s not surprising.

These black, slim-profiled steel-framed windows and glass doors were originally developed in 1884 by British ironmonger, Francis Crittall, and are more popular than ever. Their versatility means that room dividers and zones can be created without compromising on space and light. This makes them the perfect solution for inspiring confidence in staff going back into the office after Coronavirus.

Crittall Effect Glass partitioning in an office
Crittall Effect Glass partitioning in an office

Stylish and with an industrial edge, these systems are available in both single glazed and double glazed partitions with standard swinging doors and sliding doors offering options on improved acoustic solutions to maintain confidentiality and privacy when needed.

This versatile partitioning also allows you to set out the vertical and horizontal glazing bars as you require providing full control over the aesthetics of the partitioning.

Crittall Effect Glass partitioning in office

Our team of Crittall effect partitioning experts are proud to be trusted installers. We also specialise in design and ongoing maintenance of these timeless products.

Contact us to find out more about Crittall effect partitioning and what it can do for your workspace.

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