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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Reimagining post-pandemic office design

With remote and flexible office working set to increase, the future-proof workspace solution needs to keep pace with our changing work-life pattern.

Staff value the sense of community, social interaction and productive atmosphere they get in the workplace that they can’t get at home. Creating a welcoming and motivational environment is key to giving people compelling reasons to come into the office, or for recruiting new workers.

Highly efficient hybrid workplace models take a blended approach to home and office working, designed to provide a professional workspace with adaptable shared work areas for client meetings and essential face-to-face networking.

So what should a future-ready flexible workspace solution look like? Here’s our design team’s thoughts:

  1. Focus on creating a balance of spaces, from arrival at reception to the process of how workers and visitors move through the workplace and into areas that facilitate different types of work.
  2. Allow for workstations, ad-hoc collaboration zones, team rooms, solo pods, hubs, on-demand meeting and conference rooms that can be re-configured quickly and easily, whether for quick catch-ups or full team sessions.
  3. Better distributed integrated technology with well-located amenities will add value. As well as air filtration systems and touch-free facilities, the construction materials used in the post-Covid workplace include non-porous and bleach-safe durable surfaces, and more environmentally-friendly products.
  4. Furniture designed with flexibility in mind – think mobile desks, sofas and armchairs with wheels, not just work chairs.
  5. Biophilic design – elsewhere on this site, we talk about the importance of bringing more greenery into the workplace. Yes, it’s attractive, but it’s practical too. Plants introduce oxygen for cleaner air, provide natural dividers between working zones and are proved to boost productivity.
  6. Colour – the resimercial trend for warm, inviting colour palettes is likely to continue. By aligning the colours with your branding, you can create a welcoming space that retains the corporate feel people miss working from home.
  7. Light – Just like introducing natural elements such as plants, more natural light, well-placed lighting features, glass wall dividers and doors, have a positive effect on employee performance.

Find out more by contacting us about how we can help you create a flexible workspace that meets the needs of your business and your workforce now and in the future.

Greenery can provide natural dividers of rooms and spaces.
Furniture solutions with flexibility in mind
Flexible workspace using colour.

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