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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

The profound changes in the way people have worked during the pandemic are having a strong and lasting influence on future workplace design trends. So what will the office of tomorrow look like? We asked our commercial interiors design team for their 2021 design trend predictions …

Collaboration zones

Let’s face it, that Zoom call doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to replicating those lightbulb watercooler/coffee machine moments, sharing ideas at workstations and brainstorm face-to-face meetings. So the focus is on creating zones that allow for safe and effective collaborative and flexible working. Take a look at this inspirational collaborative space we’ve designed for the ‘new normal’…

Collaboration zone within an office.
Collaboration zone within an office for brainstorming and flexible working.

Biophilic design

This past year has seen us more connected to nature than ever before. Bringing the outdoors in with planting features, living walls and greenery will continue to play a key role in improving employee wellbeing during 2021. Greener workspaces improve our mood, reduce stress and increase our productivity. Here’s just one design that’s keeping the workplace humming and in harmony with nature…

Biophilic living wall design within an office.
Biophilic design within an office to improve employee mood and wellbeing.

Natural lighting

Increasing the amount of daylight in the workplace boosts our vitamin D intake, helping us to sleep better and stay positive. There are lots of beautiful and practical ideas that can achieve this. From installing different types of windows and replacing internal walls with glass partitions, to skylights. Or it can be about getting creative with paint selections and mirrors thoughtfully placed to reflect as much natural light as possible.

Office with large windows letting in natural light.
Office with large windows letting in natural light.

Sustainability doesn’t cost the earth

Showcasing your firm’s eco-conscious credentials can make the difference with customers and attracting talented young green-savvy recruits onto your workforce. Introducing natural materials into ceiling and floor design, recycling storage areas, modern energy and water-saving facilities, eco-friendly office furniture, bike facilities…just a few of the sustainable design ideas we’re bringing to the workplace.

Wood panelling within an office.
Wood panelling within an office.


Resimercial is the buzzword of the year – residential interiors blended with commercial design. A design overhaul of the traditional workplace to combine a sense of work-life balance with the functional demands of an office environment makes for an enjoyable place to work. Think more domestic colour schemes, comfortable sofa areas, quiet meeting spaces, new tech such as AV installs, and exercise, meditation or games rooms.

These are just some of the trends gaining traction right now – contact us to find out more about how our specialist commercial design team can help make your workplace future-ready.

Comfy sofas within an office space.
Comfy sofas within an office space to combine the sense of work-life balance.

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