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While researching our Monthly Office refurbishment Pinup articles we’ve started to notice something, tech offices are the stuff of legends – think slides, plush toys and beanbags and you’ve somewhat got the picture. What’s also become apparent is that Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where our techies get awesome places to call home 9-5 on Monday to Friday. Indeed, there are plenty of places right here in London! In this post we hand pick our favourite tech offices from London to Silicon Valley and let them go toe-to-toe, in a who’s-got-the-coolest-most-wacky-office competition of sorts.


1. Moshi Monsters HQ – Shoreditch

Moshi Monsters HQ is always up the top of the commercial decoration list, and it’s not hard to see why. Complete with its own slide (what tech office is complete without one), Moshi Monsters boasts one of the most out-there offices in all of London, featuring tree house meeting rooms, ping pong tables, bean bags, an ideapaint wall (which we installed), crazy lighting and several other non-traditional pieces of office decoration.

Moshi monster Shoreditch HQ


2. Google HQ – Victoria

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be in the movie TRON then Google’s engineering HQ is for you! It comes complete with meeting room sofas, pool tables, amazing communal spaces, and of course a mini-park centrepiece with rowboats and more. Google is definitely pushing the mantra that forcing people to sit differently can help them think differently.



3. Skype HQ, Holborn

Skype’s offices in Holborn will have you asking “is there a place I can sleep here?” Over its three floors, you’ll find a series of neighbourhoods revolving around a central area called “The Chill”. There are a heap of acoustically-treated rooms for the perfect Skype call, communal meeting areas, and of course pool tables that are in close proximity to meeting rooms.



4. Red Bull HQ – Soho

OK, so not strictly tech, but the Red Bull offices offer sleek, sophisticated and playful design. Designed by Jump Studios – the same crew behind Google’s offices – Red Bull’s excellent space reflects its youthful, edgy and adrenalin-fuelled image with a slide, round ping-pong meeting tables, skate ramp-esque walls and futuristic-looking everything.



5. Good Technology – Westminster

Finally, we couldn’t go past Good Technology’s old-fashioned gentleman’s club-styled offices from our last office pin-up. The offices are loved so much by their employees that it’s reported they often stay back after work to socialise and play pool!



1. AirBnB HQ – San Francisco

Log cabin-inspired meeting rooms, check; extra comfy chairs, check; office dog named ‘Biscuits Jackson’? That’s right, the ridiculously cool offices of AirBnB boast all of the above, along with brightly-coloured kitchens, toilets adorned with antelope heads and conference rooms themed to look like the staff’s favourite AirBnB stays.



2. Facebook HQ – Palo Alto

The Facebook offices are pretty cool – think free gourmet meals, snacks, drinks and you’re starting to get the picture. The office also boasts a game room with Guitar Hero and an Xbox 360, DJ decks, a basketball court, a chess room and of course a ping-pong table. It reminds us of the office in Jerry McGuire where no-one does any work, and it’s a wonder anyone does here!



3. Youtube HQ – San Bruno

A swimming pool, fully-functional gym, vending machines galore, a huge red slide and a mini golf course… no, we’re not talking about a children’s fantasyland, we’re talking about YouTube HQ! Also featuring excellent “collaboration spaces” and an area playing YouTube trending videos, you’ll know your “Goats Yelling Like Humans” from your “Charlie the Unicorn” in no time.



4. Twitter HQ – San Francisco

Keeping it on a social media tip, Twitter is number four in our tech offices out of the US. For all its ‘twemployees’ (#cringe), Twitter boasts awesome kitchens, green antelopes, a DJ booth (complete with real turntables) and excellent collaborative workspaces.



5. AOL – Palo Alto

Last but certainly not least is the offices of AOL. Designed by the same crew behind Facebook’s offices, AOL’s feature bright and wide-open spaces, colours (oh so many colours!), a kitchen area dubbed the “Town Hall”, and a games and relaxation area.



So who is our favourite? Well we can’t help but say that AirBnB’s offices are our number one! They’ve got the got the right mix of comfort, play time and creative workspaces for us to name them the winner of our “Coolest Tech Offices Award” … now to find a medal.

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