Office colours setting the tone for 2022

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There’s plenty written about how to motivate staff and boost work productivity, but sometimes a paint brush can be all that’s needed. The colours we choose for our working environment play a big part in making them places where employees love to come to work. For 2022, the colour trends have evolved further to reflect the increasingly blurred lines between office and home working.


People are loving their greens in 2022. Associated with growth and creativity, as well as the environment, green’s spectrum from bright lime to olive, has dominated in this year’s click-through rates and conversions, according to Shutterstock.AI data. Green-grey tones is this year’s top trend – a perfect mix of nature and elegance for accent walls, paired with versatile off-white to give a fresh natural glow.

Along with green, the soft organic natural colour of beige is making a big comeback. Its many warm and cool shades create clean airy backgrounds that compliment bolder elements for trims and furniture. Up the vibe with pops of colour in your brand colours for ceilings or flooring to give an unexpected twist.


To encourage teamwork, go for the calming colour of blue. Blue inspires harmony and trust, promotes collaboration and helps to keep stress levels to a minimum. A sleek and classy blue-grey tone creates a crisply sophisticated corporate workspace. Or go for pale blue walls with matching trims in darker, richer tones which are associated with deeper focus and efficiency.


Bold yellow compliments natural light and still fits with the nature-inspired trend. Associated with inspiring innovative thought and optimism, use it for splashes of colour on accent walls and décor. This colour brings an air of confidence and positivity for a fast-paced creative business and is also a great colour to use for training or teaching environments as it helps people retain information.


Orange is a great colour to use when you need to keep the energy and enthusiasm flowing. A coral shade is one of the more popular trends for 2022. This more muted natural hue still brings life and warmth to the workspace. Use red for dynamic impact and to spark brain activity. Best used for smaller meeting rooms and break out spaces, or to encourage movement in hallways and eating areas, it creates a sense of warmth (especially during darker rainy days). In larger areas, keep it to injections of colour for accents and furnishings.

Using the right colours can transform your office space. Get in touch with our office interior design experts to find out more about how we create compelling, high-performing and flexible workplaces, with the minimum of disruption.

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