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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Smart office design helps companies attract and hold on to their most prized asset – the employees. An appealing workplace that moves beyond the traditional divide between office and home to supporting life at work will have the edge when it comes to influencing job selection by skilled workers.

We all know that our surroundings affect our focus and sense of wellbeing. A well-designed workplace helps us feel valued and becomes a place where we go to recharge and be stimulated. This boosts our productivity and motivation, which in turn increases staff retention and financial performance.

Today’s fast-moving changes in how we want to work is impacting the design of the workplace, from wayfinding design improvements, to health-conscious building services, such as fresh air filtration and adaptive lighting systems. Supportive amenities such as common areas and comfortable facilities, the correct choice of colours, lighting and acoustics all add to the appeal for potential and existing employees.

Mixing it up

Mixed-use space makes the most of the workplace and can adapt to current needs and those in the future that are difficult to predict. Flexible modular workspaces fit in with collaborative, team-based work and make it easy to integrate technology that incentives connectivity with both employees and clients.

The trend for blended multipurpose offices allows functional spaces to be easily adjusted for open floor workspaces with unassigned workstation seating, opening up of conference rooms, partitioning for private rooms and small collaboration areas, and casual seating areas, with separate spaces for clients and visitors.

These versatile blended spaces will also be more adaptable to future changes in job functions and extend the life of your investment in the workspace.

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