Office Design Trends in 2022

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In previous years, our specialist office design team’s thoughts centred around how to improve the physical working environment. But workplace design has had to adapt quickly over the last couple of years. Trends that might have evolved over several years have accelerated in line with the changing nature of work. The hybrid working model is not a passing trend and with that in mind, we take a look at the drivers for office design trends during 2022 – people-focus, sustainability, flexibility and smart tech.

People focus

A people-focused design approach recognises the new blended way of working. The office of 2022 maximises people’s ability to work safely along with bringing all the benefits of experiencing the social collaborative space they miss working from home. This supports people’s need for a work-life balance, accommodating face-to-face interaction, along with the resources employees need to stay happy, healthy and productive. The latest trend is for ‘hotel zones’ – spaces where people feel part of community, can join meeting groups or relax.


We’ve been strong advocates for biophilic design over many years. Nature-inspired office design increases natural light and air quality, positively impacts on productivity and inspires creativity. Taken together with eco-design practices that use recycled materials and low-emission energy sources, this holistic design approach creates a workspace that has employee wellbeing at its heart, helping to retain and attract top talent to your workforce.


A flexible open-plan office layout with portable partitioning and configurable furniture is easy to move around and takes account of fluctuating numbers of staff. An open adaptable workplace works more efficiently, encourages a sense of community and gives visiting clients an immediate understanding of your company’s brand and vision. Full fit-out can create a combination of dedicated private and collaborative working spaces, meeting hubs and breakout areas, along with smart hygiene facilities, amenities and storage solutions. Even a quick revamp using a more resimercial approach will inject the newest style, with soft furnishings and residential colour schemes that embrace an inviting mix of home and office.

Smart tech

Design that leverages technology can redefine how efficiently your office works and make sure that the transition between office and home is easily managed. From conserving energy and controlling access, to touchless sensors, lighting features and air conditioning, design that optimises the integration of smart technology keeps employees engaged, leads to significant cost-savings in cleaning and maintenance, and increases comfort and functionality.

Whether you want your workplace to look and function better or are planning fit-out of an entire office building, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you create the perfect working environment.

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