Office Kitchen Decoration Tips

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The office kitchen shares many similarities with the space around a water-cooler. It is often where employees gather during their hard-earned breaks to discuss late night’s television or to bemoan their tyrannical boss. But unlike the home kitchen, it is not the central hub and instead plays a purely functional role for employees. Gatherings are usually short, with people tending to filter away once they’ve had a brief chat or prepared their microwave lunches.

Hell’s Kitchen

As all good commercial painters and decorators will tell you, it’s important to have a well-decorated, well-fitting kitchen. Peeling walls, cracked tiles and cupboard doors hanging on one hinge infer neglect which in turn implies poor standards of hygiene. So it’s a good idea to ensure that the office kitchen is well-looked after, not only for the contentment of employees but also to keep lawsuits at a minimum!

Small Spaces

In most cases, office kitchens are small in size – when embarking on an office decoration project, this can be quite advantageous.  The smaller the area, the less choice you have regarding layout. This means little or no procrastination about which appliances to include and which not to. It’s really a case of working with what you’ve got.

Appliance of Science

Time is precious to the modern professional so including appliances that allow for the quick preparation of meals is important. A microwave is obligatory, an oven or hob less-so. Employees simply won’t have the time to prepare complex meals. A kettle and fridge for keeping the milk cool are of course no-brainers. So keeping the office kitchen equipped with only essential items is the way to go.

Storage Units

Storage is also important. Places for the coffee and tea and drawers for cutlery will help keep the kitchen de-cluttered and accident-proof. Drawer units are often the best way to go as they provide more space than cupboards. Units that include wire shelving are also quite useful for storing smaller items.


As with most areas in the workspace, ensure your office kitchen has adequate lighting that is direct and illuminates the area effectively. Health and safety concerns really are paramount in kitchen spaces given the existence of electrical appliances and sharp cutlery.

Tiles Ahead

Tiles are probably the most popular material used for backsplash areas near a sink or hob.  And if you have a small kitchen, it might be worth investing in smaller tiles. Large versions are harder to cut to size, especially if you’ve got plug sockets in enclosed spaces.

Slippery When Wet

Ask any flooring fitters and they’ll tell you about the importance of choosing the right materials for the kitchen. Any room with a fitted sink needs a non-slip floor. Laminate flooring is rather effective in this regard and won’t break your budget. However, be sure to check the quality as certain kinds of laminate can deteriorate quickly, especially in high-traffic areas.

Ultimately a good commercial painter and decorator like us will be able to advise you on all of this and more, so just get in contact to chat to a member of our team. You should also know that for the typically small office kitchen, our guys would be able to do all the work in the space of a weekend.

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