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If you’re considering an office refresh in the new year, you’ve probably got a good idea of what you want – from colours, to features, to lighting – but there is one vital area of office decor that’s often overlooked. A good-quality floor is a simple and cost-effective way to completely reinvent your workplace, changing the whole atmosphere in one stress-free step.

The warmth and practicality of wood flooring may seem like a luxury, but it’s actually available in lots of different forms, allowing you to choose the wood or wood-effect floor to suit your needs. Here are a few options to brighten up your office.


Vinyl flooring comes in a range of variants, offering a realistic and low-cost alternative to a real wood floor. Karndean flooring is made of PVC, often part-recycled and manipulated to mimic the look and feel of natural wood. Amtico is a similar material, popular for its ability to imitate wood grain. Both of these vinyl varieties are attractive flooring options, giving you the look and feel of real wood for a fraction of the price.


Laminate flooring also imitates wood flooring but uses a different process to do this, resulting in a harder surface that’s easier to maintain. Layers of board are densely packed together before a photographic layer is added, giving a flawless representation of hardwood to your office floor. A melamine anti-wear layer also helps to make this tough material even more durable, protecting the floor against damage and dirt. Another cost-effective alternative to real wood, with extra ease of use thrown in.

Solid wood

For an extra touch of class in your workplace, real wood is also available in different varieties to give you the best option for your office. Solid wood flooring comes as interlocking blocks of real wood, so you get a real wood floor that’s easy to install. Working with natural materials also gives you more options to customise your floor, with a range of wood varieties and finishes available. This is the one to go for if you want an authentic finish that won’t break the bank.


For a top of the range, authentic wood floor that will last a lifetime, hardwood flooring has no competition. Although it may be an extravagant choice for some offices, hardwood is guaranteed to bring genuine warmth and class to any workplace. As with solid wood floors, a range of materials and finishing options are available – coat your floor with wax, oil or lacquer to add extra style and durability to the surface. Hardwood is an excellent choice for long-standing offices in need of a touch of homeliness.

Do your colleagues a favour and give them something special to walk on as part of your office decoration. All these wood options and more are available from the Invisible Painter – our team of painters and decorators in London have extensive experience of floor fitting, and we promise not to get in the way of your work!

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