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The way your shop is designed and decorated can make a massive difference to your customers. From drawing people in, to encouraging them to stay, your retail interior affects your customers’ experience and helps determine how they feel about your business. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the two most important elements in commercial decorating to attract customers.


The first thing that attracts people to your store will be the window. If you watched the TV program Mr Selfridge at the beginning of the year you’ll know how important it is to put some thought into the decoration! Anyone walking down the street could be a potential customer so you’ll want to make sure that you do something to catch their eye. You can do this by using high contrast or decorating based on a theme. What do you think of this window display? They’ve created a whole world that I definitely want to spend time in – all with some interesting wallpaper and furniture.


Also, make sure you don’t forget the actual exterior of your shop! The Invisible Painter recently worked with Crew Clothing on Northcote Road in Clapham to ensure that the building was presented to potential customers to a high standard. Hiring a commercial decorator is a good idea if you’d like to make sure your retail space is suitably attractive to potential customers.


Now that you’ve gotten your customers in, you’ll want to make sure they stay. The layout must be neat, organised and easy to navigate. I know I certainly dislike it when shops are messy or cluttered or dark. Make sure your products are easy to see and easy to get to. For example, if your walls are white and the space is well lit, your products will do the talking to the customers. We love the decoration in this Camper store in New York – the white walls really make the colourful shoes stand out.


The minimalist look works well to highlight your products, but you could alternately go another route as well. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters stores all have a distinctively ‘homey’ feel to them. Distressed furniture, reclaimed wood and industrial ceiling spaces all capture the identity of the brand and manage to look both cool and cozy at the same time. Going in to one of their stores is like going on an adventure because there are hidden corners where you can find items. Customers can always expect the same feeling with slight variations on a decorating theme whenever they visit either of these shops.


Above all, to attract customers you need an overarching decorative vision. You want your customers to walk into your store and feel like they have experienced something memorable. By taking the time to think about what your retail space says about you to your customers and then working with a team of painters and decorators like that of The Invisible Painter to achieve your vision, you can make sure that people will keep coming to visit!

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