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We’ve seen a lot of offices in need of a little imaginative decoration, but it’s often difficult to keep your office decor fresh. Even if you hang paintings on the wall, you’re bound to get tired of them after seeing them day after day at work. So what’s the solution?

Luckily there are easy ways to maintain a dynamic, exciting office environment. Bringing temporary art into the office allows you to change and move a lot of your office decor with hardly any effort, keeping your work environment fresh and interesting.

Here are some fun examples to try:


Projectors are commonplace in many offices now, because of their ability to display information easily in meetings. But projectors are expensive and they often sit doing nothing when meetings aren’t taking place. Why not put them to use during these times to brighten up your walls? You can display virtually any image you can think of thanks to the magic of the internet – or create your own using art and design software and apps.


Whiteboards are also useful office tools which are often neglected, left with last month’s to-do lists and meeting minutes cluttering up your walls. Using different kinds of pens, adhesives and magnets you can easily decorate your whiteboards with drawings and posters to give your office a bit more personality. Cork noticeboards and blackboards are also great blank canvases to work with if you’ve got a spare few minutes in your day.


To take the whiteboard idea one step further, why not try IdeaPaint on a wall or two in your office? IdeaPaint transforms walls into wipe-clean whiteboard surfaces, giving you much more space to get creative. IdeaPaint walls have the added advantage of providing large projector backgrounds, allowing you to create bigger and better presentations and temporary office decorations. Get in touch to find out more.


If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not use old signs, boards and pallets to create temporary art and furniture for the office? Adorn old pub blackboard signs with your favourite motivational slogans or make a foldable coffee table out of pallets to give your office a bit more character.

Street art 

For the more adventurous among you, try dedicating an area of the office to graffiti. Whether it’s a wall or a whiteboard, don’t be afraid to get the spray cans out and start experimenting. If it goes wrong just make sure you’ve got a big can of white paint nearby! For a more professional touch, transfers can give your office a semi-permanent centrepiece that’s sure to become a talking point.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired when starting your own office refurbishment. Remember to bring some more colour into your office without worrying about how long it will last. If you need any more help or ideas for how to refurbish your home or decorate your office more interesting, why not give our friendly team of painters and decorators in London a call?

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