Urban & Industrial Accents in the Office: How to Give Your Office a Design Vision

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Office refurbishment is easier than you think. There are materials everywhere that can help you give your workplace a unified design feel, helping you get your business ethos across to visitors and colleagues.

Urban and industrial features are a great way to do this. By taking materials designed for factories and using them as design characteristics, you have a quick and effective way to give your office a strong, striking look. If you’re already in an industrial building like a converted factory you’re halfway there, but certain features can be used in any type of office. Here are just a few to consider:



Exposed bricks indoors have caught on in a big way, from country cottages to urban coffee shops. Doing it in the office can help to create this homely, modern feel with very little effort (as long as you’ve got some bricks in your office already). Bricks also evoke factories of the Industrial Revolution and redbrick universities, reminding everyone in the office to work hard!



You can also leave steel beams exposed for a back-to-basics approach to office décor. While it may be tempting to cover them up, ask yourself if you can make them work as they are. Along with the brickwork, exposed beams give your office building a feeling of simplicity and stability – qualities that can bring comfort to any workplace.

Ducts and pipes

To take the simplistic feel one step further, you can also leave air ducts and pipes out in the open for extra industrial energy. While this may take minimalism too far for some people, it’s a bold choice for those who can pull it off. Just make sure there’s nothing dangerous exposed, and that the ducts aren’t big enough for Tom Cruise wannabes to crawl around in.


Concrete is often considered an ugly material, and indeed it can be in certain settings. There aren’t that many people who would want to work in their local multi-storey car park, for instance. But it’s all about context: a little bit of concrete in the office can have a striking effect. With options to polish and paint concrete for a variety of smooth finishes, concrete could actually become the most stylish thing in your workplace, depending on your colleagues’ fashion senses.

Gated lifts

3This is a tricky one to pull off if they don’t already exist in your workplace, but if there are old, gated lifts in your building you should think twice before getting rid of them. If they work, they can give your building a solid, vintage feel. And if you’re worried about safety you can replace the lift and leave the outer features for an authentic vintage aesthetic.

All these features are easy to achieve, especially if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your tired old building with office decoration techniques. Choose the ones that feel right for your office to really make it stand out. And, as ever, the friendly London based painters and decorators at the Invisible Painter are on hand to help if you get stuck!

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