Working from home: How to take your office space home

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Working from home can be a mixed blessing. For some it’s paradise, and for others it’s torture. Either way, “working from home” has become a euphemism for “slacking off”.

But lots of people work very effectively at home, and a lot of this success is down to effective home office decoration. Here are four ways to make sure you get through the to-do list even when you’re not in the office.

Set a space aside

Your home is where you eat, sleep and relax, so working there can often feel like an invasion of your sanctuary. But if you have a designated work space within your home, designed with commercial decoration rather than residential decoration in mind,  working there will become much easier. You’ll be able to switch on once you sit at the desk, and switch off when you get back to the sofa.



It’s important to stop your home encroaching on work, too. A simple tea break in the kitchen is fraught with distractions that can throw your whole day into disarray. Obviously there’s room for the usual family photos in your home office and maybe a little more personalisation, but don’t go moving the TV in there. That’s a recipe for a productivity disaster.

Give yourself enough space

The amount of precious home space you’re willing to give over to a home office may be limited, but it’s important to be comfortable while you work. This will depend on the kind of work you do – you might find enough space to work in a hallway or even under the stairs – but if you want a bit of room to spread out, you’re better off dedicating a spare room to your work. Clever furnishings like built-in shelving and fold-out beds can help maximise whatever space you’ve got.



Make sure you’ve got everything you need

At the office, pens and post-its seem to appear out of nowhere and then disappear into thin air. One of the luxuries of working from home is the absence of stationery thieves, so once you’re stocked up on ballpoints and blu-tac, it’s much easier to keep track of. Make a list and go shopping for your most-used stationery items – it’s more fun than it sounds.



Get a comfy chair

This one is often overlooked. If you’re going to get anything done it’s vital to be sitting comfortably, so make sure your office has a suitable pew. We’re not talking about your Sunday afternoon nap kind of chair – that would be counterproductive. You’re probably not crazy about your boss’s choice of chairs back at the office, but this is where the beauty of a home office comes in – you can choose whatever chair you like!



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