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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

With many thinking about the return to the office in the very near future we look at how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping the future of work with new challenges and opportunities by help with your workspace planning post Covid-19 

As we have already experienced ‘Normal’ will continue to change over the next few years and we will need to be prepared to work from the office, from home or from anywhere else – based on environmental, company and employee needs.

We have broken down the evolution of the workplace into 3 phases:


TODAY the first phase, involves an amount of practical measures. This includes social distancing marking, on-site adaptations, temporary signage and protocols, employee WFH assessments, spatial evaluations and plans.

We can help you prepare for your return to the office by conducting workplace risk assessments and space evaluations with suggested modifications. We work with you to understand the kind of space you will need for a successful reintegration, taking into consideration new government guidlines.

EVOLUTION the second phase will address more permanent alterations. Layouts will need to be adapted and workspace redesigned to provide a safe and functional working environment. Working from home assessments and solutions will be carried out to increase support and regulating remote and office based working.

We can help you manage the transition from back to the office with workspace planning post Covid-19 by updating your current workspace to reflect new safety standards and regulations and support the link between home and office-based workers.

FUTURE the third phase will be an assessment of company costs and productivity. We predict seeing large offices being scaled down as we evolve the way we work (more working from home environments).

We can help you prepare for the future with the optimisation and rationalisation of your existing office space. As your business evolves, your workspace planning post Covid-19 will too. Our cost-effective office fit out and refurbishment services deliver tailored working environments built around your people, your goals, and your way of working.

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