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It’s easy to get tired of your home if you don’t freshen it up every once in a while. However, before turning to the property pages try looking at changes you can make with the home you have. An interior revamp can be a lot cheaper than you may think and doesn’t always mean buying new furniture.


It might seem like a very simple trick but don’t let that fool you, moving furniture around in any room can freshen it up a treat. It might even help you to make more of the space you have by opening up space and making the room feel considerably bigger. It’s important you do this before you consider undertaking any commercial painting and decorating projects.

In the bedroom, if you have a bed in the middle of the room you might not be making the most of the space. How does it look in the corner with more usable floor space? This new space might mean allow you to to introduce a new floor lamp or shelving unit into the room.

Changing the position of your television normally requires a rearrangement of living room furniture around it; by not doing a great deal or spending a penny you can still make a room feel fresh and exciting.

It is often that case that the size of a room will decide its use but if you have two of a similar size then you might want to consider swapping them round. If your living room becomes your dining room and vice versa then you have two new rooms…which is basically a third of a new house!

A good old clear out

Another easy way to freshen up any room in your house is to have a good old clear out. You might want to try rearranging ornaments on shelves and windowsills and throw out anything you don’t need anymore. It’s always worth remembering that where ornaments are concerned, less is usually more.

Alongside moving furniture around, having a tidy up is probably the easiest way to refresh a room. Not only does a clear out make you feel really productive at the time but it also maximises your enjoyment of the room afterwards.

A lick of paint

Another easy and relatively pain-free way of revitalising a room is to give it a lick of paint. If your room is painted a dark colour, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to repaint in a light, neutral tone and you paint it a light colour; you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, especially if the room is a small one. Light colours can also darken over time so even if your room is painted white, it might not be quite as crisp and light as it once was.

Hopefully this post has given you a few easy ideas of how to make more of what you’ve already got. If you’re in need of any residential painting and decorating  ideas or inspiration for how to freshen up a room in your home with  , don’t hesitate to give our friendly team of commercial painters and decorators in London a call.

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