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We’ve noticed a huge increase in demand for our painting and decorating work from Battersea residents and businesses over the last five years.

With all the development around the riverfront and the Nine Elms area of Battersea, the amount of work the Invisible Group is contracted to do in SW11 is only set to increase.

South London specialists

Much like other parts of South London, the area has become much more upmarket in recent years and our tradesmen have played a role in making it a more desirable place to live and work by renovating and redecorating properties to make them something really special.

We also have a great range of local SW11 suppliers for many materials. For example, we’re used to dealing with Francesca’s Paints on Lavender Hill. It’s these sorts of contacts which allow us to get all our painting work done fast, thus saving you time and money.

Our specialist areas include:

Commercial Painting: Much of the work we do for businesses involves the full redecoration of pubs and restaurants, the latter of which have exploded in number in the last decade. The style of work we have carried out for these sorts of establishments has varied from edgy projects, which include exposed bricks and vivid paint schemes, to much more traditional and luxurious work near Battersea Square. We have also done lots of work involving the painting of office spaces along the river front in Battersea and the new development at Nine Elms.

Residential Painting: Residents of the area have also become loyal customers, with many using the Invisible Painter for their entire Battersea house refurbishments. We usually take full responsibility for all painting both internally and externally on most of our projects.

Block Painting: In Battersea there are many high rise flats and modern, luxury waterside developments. We have longstanding relationships with many of those responsible for ensuring they are kept in good order, so we are often called in to give them an external refresh and repaint the public or shared areas.

The whole team here strongly believe that there are three main things which make the Invisible Painter special and these are:

Speed: Perhaps the primary reason so many clients are happy with us and use us on more than one occasion is the fact that we go that extra mile to get projects completed on time e.g. working weekends, calling on extra painters to help etc.

Service: We are firm believers in making sure clients are fully up to speed on everything we do, like timings for our work or any potential problems that we can see on the horizon. We always give clients a tour of our work before it’s completed so that they can let us know if they see anything which they want changed.

Price: Our prices are competitive and we are more than happy to provide you with free quotes for all sorts of projects.

Please get in touch with one of our team today, so you can tell them what your needs are and allow them to tell you how we could help you fulfil them.

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