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The Invisible Group is based in Clapham (two minutes from the Common), so as you’d expect we’ve become the painters and decorators of choice for Clapham's many local residents and businesses.

With the district becoming gentrified over the last decade, we’ve noticed huge changes in the types of painting and decorating services in Clapham that residents are enquiring for. Our tailored services mean that, as painters and decorators in Clapham (and the entirety of London), we’ve become a valued option for many residents looking to revitalise or refresh their home and commercial space.

Trusted Painters & Decorators in Clapham

Today, the people of the district expect the very best in terms of painters and decorators in Clapham, and we have geared our service towards being the best possible for our local residents.

Our team of painters and decorators in Clapham love the work on a daily basis and we are proud to be heavily involved in the rejuvenation of both Clapham High Street, Clapham Old Town, and surrounding areas.

With residential work, we feel that local residents here are more creative than they are perhaps elsewhere in London, with many opting for bright and modernist colour schemes with hi-tech lighting built in. Over time we have built a strong network of local contacts who help us buy and source necessary materials. As painters and decorators in Clapham, this means that we can get things done as quickly as possible, which ultimately saves you both time and money.

Our specialist areas include:

Commercial Painters and Decorators: We‘ve helped paint and decorate trendy shops all over Clapham. We’ve also been called in to help with the full refurbishment of offices, which is something there’s been strong demand for as more companies flock to the area.

School Painters and Decorators: Clapham is full of schools requiring painting and decorating services. Over time, especially with a high amount of footfall from children, wear and tear can occur and thus make the school need to improve its look. That’s where the Invisible Painter has come in many time before, and can assist with any school painting and decorating services in Clapham.

Office Fit Out and Refurbishment: While there aren’t a volume of offices in Clapham, we have provided exceptional office fit out and refurbishment services to some that have reached out to us nonetheless. We’re proud of completely reinvigorating these commercial spaces into beautiful areas that employees are proud of!

House Painting and Decorating: The team has worked on a wide variety of projects which range in type from large Georgian houses adjacent to Clapham Common to new build, high-end apartment blocks on the outskirts of Old Town.

Block and Flat Decorating: We’ve worked with property managers to renovate entire blocks of residential property. Due to the quality and professionalism of our work, we have been chosen as their preferred painters and decorators in Clapham and on other projects around London.

At the Invisible Group we all pride ourselves on offering a service which combines all of the following:

Speed: Part of our reputation is built on the fact that we work very quickly. This is made possible because we have skilled painters and good suppliers.

Service: At every stage of our decoration projects clients will be kept up-to-date on all work. We set realistic deadlines and we highlight any potential issues before they arise.

Price: Our work is second to none, but our prices are very fair.

Please contact one of our team today for painters and decorators in Clapham, and we can talk to you about timings and arrange for you to get a free quote.

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“I used The Invisible Group for a small but detailed job last week and they were fantastic. They even managed to colour match the colours that fit with our branding at short notice… I have used The Invisible Painter for large and small scale work and will continue to do so, and have no reservation in recommending them.”

John T
Commercial Manager

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