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Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Painting & decorating association mark of quality

Retail store shop front painting beautiful orange colour

What is a retail shop fit-out?

Shopfitting is the art of fitting out your retail store, keeping in mind retailer’s individual requirements, with the ultimate aim to optimise the customer journey. The outcome is a smooth journey (from the time the customers walk into the store till the point when they leave), a unique in-store experience, and increased footfalls and sales.

Our team will help create:

-An immersive customer shopping experience.
-Enhanced brand perception through a better retail environment.
-Increased in-store sales through our bespoke shop fittings.

Beautifully refurbished retail store interior by Invisible Painter

Fit Out Your Luxury Brand Store

As an expert in the field, The Invisible Painter understands that every project is different as well as our client’s needs and wants. It is essential to tailor the shop fit out to the retailer’s brand, products, and services. There are clearly a lot of advantages to shopfitting, and our experienced staff are always ready to deliver an efficient service to your location in London. With our high attention to detail and focus on building quality, we will help you create the perfect retail environment for your customers.

Refurbished shop in London

Why fit-out your retail store?

The retail landscape is inherently competitive and becomes challenging to attract customers into your space knowing that you are competing with thousands of other retail stores. Not only this, but there’s also the need to encourage your customers to make purchases and return to your store. Of course, you firstly need to have a desirable product that customers are willing to buy, but they may not know that the retail shop layout and design play an essential role in influencing the purchasing decisions.

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