Workspace Planning after Covid-19

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Plan your workspace for the future

As you prepare for a safe return to the office, you may be looking at ways to rationalise your workspace or use its existing potential after Covid-19.

Our experienced design and fit-out specialists can help you achieve a safe, functional and sustainable office environment, with the flexibility it needs to maintain competitive strength for the future.

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Intelligent re-design

The typical workspace pre-Covid-19 was a mix of private offices, cubicles, meeting rooms, hot-desking, shared amenities and large open-plan spaces.

The intelligent workspace post-Covid-19 is an adaptable environment which fosters collaboration and productivity, fuelled by a communications infrastructure that streamlines working and collapses the boundaries between home and office-based workers.

We can work with you to put in place practical measures including seating distancing, new layouts for visitor receptions, breakout rooms, gyms and social areas, alongside redesigned collision points such as printers and the office kettle.

Further steps that can be incorporated into your workspace planning after Covid-19 range from using durable materials for furnishings, surfaces and floors which withstand stringent cleaning, improved air circulations systems and filtration, smart technology for office access routes and sensor technology touchpoints, to installing UV lighting that disinfects after-hours offices.

But while all these technical aspects are important, so is creating a working environment that supports business growth and worker wellbeing, giving your people the structure and sense of belonging they miss working remotely.

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Peace-of-mind solution

Our workplace strategists can help you budget for a peace-of-mind solution, taking into account your expected employee footprint and plans for future growth.

We are highly experienced in serving clients virtually, using the latest technology throughout the pandemic to closely collaborate on ongoing projects, provide workplace risk assessments and continue bespoke workspace consultancy sessions.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help create a more agile workplace designed to support your people, your way of working and your goals.

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“We used Invisible as part of refit programme to make our offices COVID compliant but also to help the staff feel safe and comfortable, given these extraordinary circumstances. We had some initial problems, but they were handled quickly, professionally and incredibly effectively so everything was ready for our phased re-start. I love their attitude and I am very happy to recommend their work.” Kevin, Company Director

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